Intimate Gatherings of Sports Fans and Media Personalities – Kevin Kennedy in conversation with TBP Podcast EP 012

Hosted by
Mark Silver

No matter the sport, passionate fans and pundits have long debated the goings-on in the clubhouse or on the pitch of every pro sports team. For most of us, this dialogue and discord are limited to Twitter, or perhaps yelling at sports talk radio hosts in our cars. If you were paying slightly more attention, you have likely heard of and possibly attended a “Hoop Talks, Puck Talks, or Footy Talks.”

For those in the know, these talks, the brainchild of Kevin Kennedy, are like no other community gathering of fans, athletes and media personalities. No suits, no teleprompter, with passionate fans staring right at you, and getting to ask any question they’d like. As you’ll learn in this episode, some of the biggest names in sports media willingly participate in these fan-first talks, and you’ll find out why!

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