Chasing a Dream – Kevin Porter in Conversation with TBP Podcast EP 036

Many of us – at one time or another – dream of being professional athletes. Most of us realize in high school that we won’t be making it to the big leagues – unfortunately. The lucky among us flirt with the minor leagues in hopes of that big break.

But what happens when that big break isn’t what you expect. It’s your hand. To make matters worse, you are dealing with the tragic death of your mother. That’s exactly what happened to Kevin Porter when he temporarily abandoned his dream of becoming a professional hockey player.

Fast forward 20 years and Kevin is giving his big-league dreams another shot. Not only that, he’s documenting his journey for our vicarious pleasure. The show is called Relentless and you can find it on Hollywood Suite. A little about the series:

“Against all odds, firefighter and paramedic Kevin Porter is determined to do the seemingly impossible – become a professional hockey player in his 40s. Against the backdrop of an old-school hockey community filled with detractors who say he should give up, he’s put himself through a brutal training regimen with a clear focus on his singular goal and gone through a journey that is passionate, painful and inspirational.”

In this episode join Mark Silver and Kevin Porter for a fascinating chat about what it takes to chase your dreams.

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