Raised in the WWE Spectacle – Jian and Page Magen in Conversation with TBP Podcast EP 014

Hosted by
Mark Silver

Identical twin brothers Jian and Page Magen have made a name for themselves entertaining audiences over the last 20 years. Think what you want about their unapologetic and sometimes shocking form of entertainment, these guys come by it all honestly. On the surface, their upbringing is a familiar story. Immigrants whose parents are trying to maintain their homeland’s heritage while the social pressures of Western consumerism make fitting in a challenge from a young age.

What makes the Magen boys story different from everyone else’s is that they spent much of their childhood around the biggest stars of the World Wrestling Federation (now WWE). In this episode, Jian and Page describe the evolution of Magen Boys Entertainment, and how their profound connection to the Iron Sheik continues to today.

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