Inside the Toronto Sports Media Scene – Jonah Sigel in conversation with TBP Podcast EP 025

Hosted by
Mark Silver

Being a Toronto sports fan hasn’t been easy for many generations of Torontonians. Of course, the Raptors NBA title was kind of a reset for the city, and there were a couple of crazy Blue Jays runs a few years back, but those were more so the Toronto sports awakening for millennials. For Gen X, in the stretch from 1967 to 1991, hope was just a dangerous word.

The most seminal moments were those back-to-back Blue Jays titles and the anger of the 1993 Leafs’ playoff run. Enter Jonah Sigel, a Gen-Xer who decided to carry the weight of his generation and city on his back. For more than a decade Jonah has faithfully represented Toronto sports fans with his Toronto Sports Media blog, Twitter account @yyzsportsmedia and now his podcast. While he’s not in the media business for his day job as a technology executive, he’s made it his passion to promote transparency in the goings’ on, both with the Toronto sports teams and media outlets, as we discussed in-depth on this episode.

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